Tax Mitigation Strategies

Do you like to pay tax?  Well actually no one likes to pay too much tax.

We can review your personal circumstances and share how other individuals and business owners are saving tax and keeping more of their hard earnt cash.

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The tax legislation in the UK is ridiculously complex with Finance Acts in recent taking UK tax law up to over 11,000 pages. 
This means that the UK now has the most lengthy and complex tax legislation in the world.  

So what does this mean to you?  
Quite simply it creates many ways of saving serious amounts of tax legally.  
We have teamed up with some of the leading tax experts in the UK to bring leading edge advanced tax planning strategies to you.  

These strategies have the potential to save you many thousands of pounds in tax, for example:  


Reducing the tax on growing businesses

For growing businesses launching something new (e.g. a new product or entering a new market) it is often possible to restructure the business in a way so that the end result is that 5-10 years of expansion profits can effectively be earned free of tax. In addition to the key benefit of reducing or completely eliminating tax bills on the expansion profit, this new structure enables businesses to reward, motivate and retain key people. Click here to request further information  


Advanced remuneration planning for companies

For companies that are looking to pay their key employees/directors in excess of £100k in discretionary bonuses (and have the cash) there are strategies that could reduce their personal income tax from over 50% to as little as 2.5% or even possiby 0%.  Please note that recent announcements made surrounding Employee Benefit Trusts and EFRBS may impact many more typical strategies for tax efficient profit extraction.  However, each case should always be reviewed on its individual merits. Click here to request further information     


Income tax mitigation for individuals

Traditional advanced income tax mitigation strategies for individuals have largely been legislated against in recent years.  However, there are still opportunities to make personal investments into structures which have been designed to use established tax breaks to protect your capital whilst allowing you significant potential for positive returns.  Click here to request further information    


Reducing the cost of commercial property

Have you bought or extended commercial property at a cost of £300,000 or more in the last 10 – 15 years? Or are you thinking about it? It is often possible for a taxpayer to claw back between 20 – 40% of the costs and reclassifying them as plant and machinery. This can result in big savings… and sometimes a big cheque from HM Revenue & Customs. Click here to request further information  


Reducing inheritance tax

 There are a range of inheritance tax (IHT) strategies available, including advanced IHT planning that can result in even bigger savings by reducing IHT liabilities to zero. This can apply both to your own Estate, that of your parents and other family members of whom you may be a potential beneficiary.  Click here to request further information   


Tax law is constantly changing and we are continually seeking new tax saving strategies and opportunities through our strategic partners. If you are faced with a large tax bill of any sort please contact us as soon as possible if you would like us to explore ways in which we may be able help you mitigate, reduce or even completely eliminate tax bills of all varieties.


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