Seminars, Workshops & Webinars to help you build your business

Our Forthcoming Seminars, Workshops & Webinars


6th July - 8am - Seminar - Could You Pay Less Tax?
A Seminar with Alan Sowden, CRM Technical Director
Alan will share with you ways to minimise your tax liabilities for you and your family and keep more of your hard earned cash.

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15th August - 2pm - Webinar - Making Your Numbers Work
A webinar with Mike Foster, our Commercial Director 
How to interpret the numbers in your accounts. This webinar will focus on the numbers in your accounts and making those numbers work for the success of your business. We will discuss how to interpret your financial accounts accurately and understand the important information you will want to know in your business from that day onwards.
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14th September - 11am - Webinar - 7 winning strategies to get the best from your people
A webinar with Chris Burton, Peak 15 coaching
One of the key challenges faced by all SMEs is a shortage of resources to do what needs doing, as well as to plan for the future. Chris Burton, of Peak 15 Coaching, will talk about a range of easily actionable approaches to engaging and getting the best from your people. Attending this webinar could be transformational in your approach to maximising the effectiveness of your team.
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27th September - 2pm - Webinar - Making Innovation Affordable
A webinar in partnership with Abbey Tax, covering the topics of R&D tax relief, Funding and Patent Box.
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October - Webinar with Begbies Traynor
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October - Seminar / Workshop
We return with our quarterly seminar
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A programme of events to help you improve your business or gain new knowledge

We invite you to join our team and other 'like minded' business owners at our practical events, where you will; 

  • Have the time to reflect and apply the content to your personal circumstances
  • Meet & network with other business owners whilst also learning from their success secrets
  • Discover practical solutions to key business problems
  • Gather practical business growth tools and resources and
  • Put time aside to create an action plan for building your business success

Each workshop provides you with valuable information and gives you time to think about your business and potential implementation. You will also be given ideas and tools that you can use immediately to make a difference in your business.


So do other business owners think it is a good use of their valuable time?


Previous events have focused on profit and cashflow improvement, time management, creating efficiency as well as designing and systemising a business for future success.

Titles have included:

'Making the Numbers work' - how to better understand and use the numbers in your accounts.
'Planning your business success'
'Effective marketing to boost your business'
'Raising finance and wealth creation'
'Systemising your business success'
'Designing a business that gets the results you really want'

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Samples of past events