Our 8 Steps to Help Make Your Numbers Work for You

Your Business Improvement Programme

Measuring and understanding performance to implement improvements

"If only I had more time" "If only I had more money" "Where should I focus?" "Why don't they just get it"

If you continue to do what you are doing, then it is very likely you will get the same results. 

Is it time for Change? Is there a better way? Is it time to step back and plan the future?
Turnover and Profits are only an outcome of activities in your business. So, how do you focus your on the right numbers to drive your success and stay motivated?
We’ve used our skills with numbers, and the ideas of some of the world’s leading business thinkers and achievers, to develop a programme with a series of processes, systems and tools to help businesses like yours become even more successful. 

We combine your traditional accountancy support with our business advisory & 'Non-Exec' services

The complete Performance Measurement and Improvement System

At CRM, we work with you to: 

  • Build your business
  • Create a business that can operate without you
  • Improve your profit margins and Increase your bottom line
  • Generate more time for you
  • Build a business that attracts serious buyers

It is said that a good accountant can save you money. At the same time we believe with this Business Improvement Programme and our support, we can also help you achieve real success. 


If you are interested in what we do and our approach, then come and see us for a no obligation, free session where we will focus on your business.

So what is included?

Based on the research of what the UK's successful businesses do every year, and developed over the last 5+ years, we offer you an 8 step Business Improvement Programme.
However, you decide how much input and support you want, which steps you need and the programme is then personalised to suit your business and requirements.

Our objective is to make the programme 'cost neutral to your development' as soon as possible and help you implement the steps to deliver the results desired.

The programme includes planning, forecasting, measuring, evaluation, comparison, improvement and valuation.


Here's a little more information, but we invite you to meet with us and discuss what each step really means for you.

Step 1:   Decide what you want really want to achieve

Start with the end in mind. We will work with you to really understand your business objectives and personal goals. We will establish how you will measure your success and ensure that the business planning process covers all the key issues. This is a key stage to understand the purpose of your business and how the success will be achieved, whilst identifying those key factors that helps drive your motivation, decision making and strategy.

The type of key issues we explore are your Value proposition, Customer Interation & Relationships, your Team, your Partners, Cashflow, Key activities and priorities.  

As part of this step, we will also assist with your forecasting and budget, to plan how the numbers will need to work to deliver your objectives. From step one, you will have clarity of the activities in your business that need your time, attention and commitment. Our 3-way forecasting enables you to create an effective forecast with relevant reports that help you manage the business, make key decisions and plan for the future.


Step 2:   Measure how well you actually perform each month 

We help measure those key drivers that matter for your business, using a range of tools and analysis work. We will produce a regular summary of your financial performance with management accounts information and performance reports.

This step enables you to react to situations in a timely manner and not when it is too late or the opportunity has been missed. We will share our experience and expertise to reflect on the numbers to keep you on track to achieve your objectives. 

We have a saying: Turnover and profit are only outcomes. We will help you to identify what is influencing your headline numbers and make the numbers work in relation to your business.



Step 3:   Measure your full year's performance

If we are measuring your business on a monthly or quarterly basis, then there will be no surprises when we produce your year end business accounts and tax summary. As always, we will explain your accounts in plain language to ensure that you are able to interpret the numbers in your accounts. 
The accounts we produce can help you easily assess whether you are on track to achieve your longer term vision and objectives, whilst ensuring you are managing the business to make the profit you desire.
Step 4:   Evaluate your performance by comparison to previous years 
For this step, we will evaluate your financial performance using a range of ratios and trend analysis. This evaluation step will clearly show how the business has performed year on year and what has influenced the changes.
Our overview will provide you with a clear picture of your overall business performance rather than simply seeing if the headline numbers have increased or reduced.
Step 5:   Evaluate your performance by comparison to your industry 
How do you perform against your competitors? We will help you to benchmark your business against other similar businesses so you can compare your key performance indicators against those in the same line of work.
Such benchmarking can be very informative and can provide you with a focus area for small changes that can lead to big changes in your performance. It will also highlight if you had a good or bad year compared to others in your industry and avoid simply relying on your gut feeling.
Step 6:    Consider the value of your business
How much is your business worth? We will use a consistent valuation method to demonstrate if the recent activity has influenced the value of your business.
Our clients find this extremelly useful as a guidance of progress, especially if the business value is their wealth creation and likely to be their exit plan or pension fund.
Step 7:   Calculate how much more profitable & valuable your business could be
We will review your business, using a sensitivity analysis, to suggest how certain improvements can make a difference in your business. This could be more sales, the improvement of your margins or driving lower costs, but at all times we will keep in balance, your objectives, your team, your customers and your suppliers.
The improvement potential of your business may be just a few simple changes that help to improve your profit and your cashflow. 
Step 8:    Establish a performance improvement plan
We want all our clients to be successful, so work with them to establish an improvement plan and establish how this can be practically delivered in their business.
This plan provides a continual focus of making the numbers work in your business for your success, whilst considering all the factors in your business (eg you, your people, customers, suppliers).

In addition, we may where appropriate also offer additional business support services, a business club, seminars and also provide useful information in the form of CDs and books.

You can download a workbook based on these 8 steps by clicking here


How will you decide if we are right for you?

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Our MD, Tony Hobbs, provides a brief overview of our Business Improvement Programme and the 8 integrated steps to help make your numbers work